NEWS : Macky 2 asks fans to support Zambian artists by buying their music


Zambian music has suffered drastically due to piracy. Yesterday Macky 2 took to his social media pages to ask fans to support Zambian artists by buying their music.

In the post, Macky 2 thanked all the fans and music producers who always support Zambian music. He said the reason why most Zambian artists aren’t moving forward and competing internationally is due to a lack of support from music fans.

“If you want to see your favorite artists move forward and start competing on an international level start thinking differently. Buy their music even when you can get it for free in a ka WhatsApp group,” he said.

Macky 2 further said that most Zambian artists don’t do well because they lack the financial muscle to support them. He also gave a shout out to Bwalya Kalandanya, who he said is one of the very few people who are seriously investing in Zambian music.

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