Musicians Who Accidentally Became Stars

It’s strange how some rock artists “made it” practically by accident in a place where artists willingly sacrifice their parents for a chance at fame. Here are a few well-known examples of individuals who, while having no prior musical expertise, were forced onto the platform and then became accidentally famous by destiny or circumstances.

YouTube isn’t new, and it has had such an influence on our time that most of the most fantastic performers credit their success to it. If you’re releasing original tracks or copies, the platform’s billions of monthly visits add up to a sizable targeted market. You cannot tell who could come across your video and decide to view it.

Tori Kelly & James Bay are examples of this. Both musicians rose to fame on the Internet and were partnered up for a spectacular collaboration at this year’s Grammy Awards. Such musicians could be highly skilled, but just not long ago, they were like any person trying to realize their ambitions.

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1. Joanne Catherall & Susan Ann Sulley, The Human League

While partying in an English club in 1980, teenaged singers Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley got contacted by a Human League leader to take part in the upcoming melody band. Before attending the League’s Tour ten days later, they sought approval from their families and educators. Despite negative reviews at first, the lineup quickly took off, with the song “Don’t You Want Me” hitting Britain united States charts in less than a year. Since then, Catherall and Sulley were full-time League players, with many gold and platinum records to their credit. In 2004, Sulley stated on BBC Radio Newcastle, “Joanne and I weren’t ambitious; we didn’t want to be in a pop group.” “At school, we were just two girls.”

2. Frank Bell, The Cure

The Cure’s expanded lineup recorded “I’m a Cult Hero” as a solo in 1979 under its moniker Cult Hero. Frank Bell, The Cure’s local postmaster in England, sang lead vocals both on the album’s tracks. Cult Hero had been a severe test run for a fresh Cure incarnation. However, the track was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy once it became a major smash in Canada, influenced by Bell’s favorite T-shirt that said: “I’m a Cult Hero.” Bell appeared in The Cure in various events.

3. 5 seconds of summer

5 Seconds of Summer grew their fan base naturally on Twitter and Facebook, and it was the YouTube channel that landed them a record deal. This resulted in a life-changing bromance: a trip including One Direction. Louis also supported them with quite a lovely and simple tweet.

4. Carly Rae Jepson

Remember how much you played “Call Me Maybe” over and over? Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, it appears, participated as well. Carly recorded the single in Canada in Sept’11. Justin discovered it a few weeks later, created a lip-syncing clip, and posted it to his supporters. Apart from the music’s massive success, Scooter Braun could not even pass up Justin’s strong suggestion and hired Carly immediately. Proving all it needs to establish a profession is one incredible video.

5. Tori Kelly

Despite Tori Kelly’s harsh comments for her performance on Reality Tv, she did not let anyone demotivate her. Instead, she went out on her own & started producing songs in her room, in typical YouTube form. Scooter Braun was one of the first people to see her youtube clips. She’s currently singing at the Grammy Awards and hitting ping pong with Justin Bieber.

6. Shawn Mendes

Believe it or not, Shawn used to compete in cover art competitions! In the brief period ever since he’s earned a lot of hearts. The musician’s early followers were huge on Vine, in which he’d get 10,000 views in a single day. He later performed for renowned Blogger Austin Mahone before finally joining T-1989 Swift’s tour group.

7. James Bay

Although James is indeed a low-key musician, his music has a significant influence. He had been a mediocre musician until getting hired, performing 5 to 6 times per week. With his small social networking following, it’s evident that he’s only interested in one thing: music. That unbridled zeal is unquestionably what has propelled him to what he’s doing now.

8. Alessia Cara

Alessia’s hobbies included uploading stripped-down, unplugged renditions of her best albums, which she retained with herself for a time. Finally, EP Television’s owner’s daughter showed him an Alessia clip. It resulted in her making demos, and she spent her final year solely focusing on her songs. It’s pleasant to find that it hasn’t changed since her graph solo album. The official song clips are still lit in the same manner she staged them nearly four years ago.

9. Justin Beiber

Even Justin, maybe the most renowned YouTube celebrity of all times, would have to begin someplace. Scooter Braun stumbled on Bieber’s exact “So Sick” footage in a regional singing contest. “Bieber Fever” got developed at the beginning. Justin’s affinity with his earliest Beliebers, Scooter and Usher, remains undeniable even now.

10. Charlie Puth

This film was the catalyst for Ellen’s finding of Charlie, even though she was right. Of course, it’s no simple task to take on Adele! Before releasing his debut album, Nine Track Mind, the musician was your average college student. He attended the famed Berklee School of Music, so naturally prepared him for Youtube clip production.

11. The Weeknd

Initially, The Weeknd’s title and songs were a mystery – each of his videos included just static pictures in his early days. Meanwhile, he continued to build a sizable fan base, demonstrating that his meteoric rise to the top of the rankings was entirely due to his distinctive voice. He thoroughly deserved it.

12. Austin Mahone

We should’ve realized Austin was doing something with his style and coolness if Justin could get it. We’re sure this version had his initial Mahomies swoon, so we’re sure many of you may have it stored in your list.

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