Henry Cavill Pokes Fun at Kristofer Hivju’s Witcher Season 2 Character

Henry Cavill jokes Kristofer Hivju decided to play his character of Nivellen “with zero make up or visual effects” in The Witcher season 2.

Henry Cavill pokes fun at Kristofer Hivju’s (Game of Thrones) character, Nivellen, in The Witcher season 2. The Witcher saga is based on the stories of Polish author Andrzej Spakowski. Those stories follow Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a mutated, monster-hunting witcher, who travels the Continent slaying for coin. The first season of Netflix’s series saw its eponymous character’s path converge with the mage, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and his Child of Surprise, Ciri (Freya Allan

Much of season 1 is directly adapted from Sapkowski’s The Last Wish. For example, the pilot episode adapted the short story “The Lesser Evil,” featuring Renfri (Emma Appleton), a darker version of Snow White. The Witcher season 2 will look to Sapkowski’s Blood of Elves, which sees Geralt and Ciri go to the witcher fortress Kaer Morhen and meet up with Vesemir (Kim Bodnia). Before they get there, it’s been confirmed that season 2’s first episode will adapt another short story from The Last Wish, “A Grain of Truth,” featuring a Beauty and the Beast-esque character named Nivellen (Hivju).

In honor of Netflix’s TUDUM, Henry Cavill recently shared a picture of Hivju’s character on Instagram. In the post, Cavill praises Hivju while also poking fun at his beastly appearance in The Witcher. Check it out below:

Long before Nivellen was confirmed to appear in season 2, Hivju’s casting sparked speculation. In The Last Wish, Nivellen is cursed with a beastly appearance as the result of raping a priestess of Coram Agh Tera, the Cult of the Lionhead Spider. Geralt runs into Nivellen while investigating the deaths of a merchant and his female companion near Nivellen’s mansion. At the TUDUM virtual event, Cavill also introduced two new clips from The Witcher season 2. One of which shows Geralt and Nivellen playing a knife-throwing game while discussing Ciri. In the scene, Geralt refers to Nivellen as an “old friend,” implying the characters’ relationship in the series will deviate from the books.

Kaer Morhen can only be reached by an extremely dangerous road dubbed “The Witchers Trail,” aka “The Killer.” While many theorized Geralt and Ciri might run into Nivellen while on their way “home,” in The Witcher‘s second season, it now appears their visit with Nivellen will be more intentional and Hivju’s character may be more than a one-off. “A Grain of Truth”s story also features Vereena (played by Anges Bjorn), a very powerful vampire who takes on the appearance of a young woman and falls in love with Nivellen. Regardless, Geralt and Ciri’s father/mentor/daughter relationship will be at the heart of season 2, and that focus will kick off in episode 1.

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