[Gossip] News Around town that Abuja/Lafia based producer ‘TEEMZYBEAT’, broke up with his Mahmi – here are possible reasons….


[Gossip] News Around town that Abuja/Lafia based producer ‘TEEMZYBEAT’, broke up with his girlfriend – here are possible reasons….

One of the most looked out for relationship in Abuja, being the relationship of celebrity producer; ‘TEEMZYBEAT’, has finally hit the break ups and news is everywhere, partly because teemzybeat showed up this relationship, being a celebrity, everyone was looking out for news like this someday.

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We could recall late 2021, TEEMZYBEAT tripped on Florence, actually asked her out and both were widely in love until this cute September, news reaching us that Teemzybeat and Florence are no more, haven dated for over 10 months. 

Suspected Teemzybeat' side chick

The suspicion was said to be as a result of a video with a girl, that Florence suspected was his 'SIDE CHICK'.

Possible reasons, possible reasons are what am going to let loose on this gossip, we got some confidential intels, that Teemzybeat, who schools at Federal university, Lafia, alongside his girlfriend, had some runs with a 300lv Girl, though still a suspect, Teemzybeat however denied this, but things aren’t in control, and his girlfriend has asked for some space.

Teemzybeat' Ex-GF

Problems with the celebrity life, babes be rushing, next, they rushing out again, LOL


We don’t know how truthful this is, but trust me, our gossips are first class as we got eyes everywhere. We still waiting on teemzybeat to confirm this, or Florence to start posting some single ladies movement. Both parties are quiet and its possible they really loved each other be dat. 

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