BOOK REVIEW BY Joy Dakok 'RICH DAD POOR DAD', BY Robert T. Kiyosaki


BOOK REVIEW BY Joy Dakok    'RICH DAD POOR DAD', BY Robert T. Kiyosaki

'RICH DAD POOR DAD', BY Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is one of the best books I've read on financial freedom. I have recommended it to many people who have in turn recommended it to others. Yes, if you want to teach someone financial Independence, this is the book to start with.

I love the method Kiyosaki used in teaching us about financial freedom from two different perspectives. One from a rich Dad, and one from a poor Dad. Kiyosaki learns about money from these two different individuals who have different mindsets concerning money. While his poor Dad dwelt mostly on theory and the status quo to teach him about money, his rich Dad used more practical methods and real life experiences to ensure that he understood how life works and how money works.

It is true that many of us would love to be rich, but sadly, not many of us are willing, ready or bold enough to work to be rich. We must learn and apply the rich people's principles of money making in order to get to the top. And this book does justice to that.

Robert Toru Kiyosaki is a Japanese American best-selling author. He was born and raised in Hawaii. He owns a financial institution and has written many books about finance, some of which include:

Rich Dad's CASH FLOW QUADRANT- Guide to Financial Freedom

Rich Dad's GUIDE TO INVESTING- What The Rich Invest in that the Poor and Middle-class Do Not FAKE, etc.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that changes our perception about how the real world works.

Kiyosaki teaches his readers what they don't get to learn in the classroom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book every parent should read and also gift their children if they want them to secure their own future.

This book is a light, portable book containing about 266 pages that are easy to read. There are so many ideas and points to be highlighted and I suggest that you read it holding a pen and a marker. You will be glad you did.

Rich Dad Poor Dad captures the ideologies of two kinds of dads and how they try to inculcate same in their son.

Kiyosaki is the son who learns from his biological dad and his god father how to treat money. While his poor Dad wants him to work for money, his rich Dad teaches him to make money work for him.

This book teaches the game of money which is only known and played by the rich. And we all know that we don't learn this in school.

Robert Kiyosaki teaches us that depending on the school system alone would not give our kids the financial knowledge needed for them to be rich.

Kiyosaki teaches us to work to earn, not to work for money. He teaches us how good investment and risk taking differentiates the rich from the poor.

Kiyosaki also says that a house could be a liability instead of an asset...

This and a lot more can be found in this treasure of a book.

It's a pocket-sized kind of book and I can guarantee that if by now you haven't read this book at least twice, then it's time to run as fast as your legs can take you, and grab your own copy now!!

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