BBNAIJA7: Amaka Recounts Issue With Phyna, Groovy, Chomzy, Bella And Chichi || See


Prior to her unforeseen eviction, Amaka was at the center of an altercation that involved quite a number of housemates.

It all began after Bella went on to tell Chomzy that Groovy and Phyna were in a relationship and were doing intimate stuff already.

This was only to warn Chomzy, as she was also falling for Groovy. Following the merge, Chomzy goes to confront Bella, who blatantly denied saying anything to Chomzy.

According to Bella it was Chichi who told her. Chichi, on the other hand, revealed that it was Amaka who told her about Groovy and Phyna.

Phyna confronts Amaka about telling Chichi, Amaka denied some part of it and it all got crazy. During her interview, Amaka finally revealed that it was Phyna herself, who sent her to tell Chichi about her relationship with Groovy.

See video below;

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