“They Packed All The Hot Girls To Level One, Left Us Aunty Phyna And Amaka” – Bryann Laments

Big Baby Bri has complained bitterly about the selection of girls biggie left for them in Level 2.

In a recent conversation with his fellow housemate, Kess, Bryann said Biggie took all the hot girls to Level and left them “Aunty Phyna and Aunty Amaka.”

In his exact words;

They Just Packed All The Hot Girls To Level 1 And Gave us Aunty Phyna And Aunty Amaka.

This is not the first time Level 1 boys would complain about the set of girls in their house. The same way the ladies in the house drool over the hot boys in Level 1.

Do y’all think Biggie should swap the hosuemates?

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