NEWS : Tzibika Star Chiluba Katongo Nsofu Starts Her Own YouTube Channel

Talented Zambian actress Chliluba Katongo Nsofu launched her very own YouTube channel that is self-titled, Chiluba Katongo Nsofu, on on the 12th of January 2021

She describes her channel as a place where she will not only share her life stories but take viewers with her on her journey to being the “next big African Actress”.

She had been hinting to her fans on her Instagram page since the 1st of January 2021 that something big was brewing and her fans didn’t seem to be disappointed.

Within the first 24 hours of her channel going live it had reached over 150 subscribers without a single video being posted at the time.

She took to TikTok and Instagram to show her gratitude in a short video where she affectionately blew kisses and danced for her new subscribers

In her first video on her channel called “Subscribe…. subscribe…. subscribe”, the Tizibika star urges people to subscribe and click on the bell notification while looking comfy in an emerald green Jazzy Jess hoodie holding a mug playfully inscribed with a bell icon and the word “subscribe”.

From the description of the channel, it seems to imply that her videos will have a lifestyle and reality TV feel as the viewers follow her on her journey to bigger and better things.

As of today, her channel has about 290 subscribers with her first video amassing 315 within the first 5 days.

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