NEWS : Mwaka Mugala announces massive projects for 2021

Mwaka Mugala, the lead actress of the popular Zambian telenovela Zuba, posted a clip from an interview she did with Simon Mwewa Lane TV on her Facebook page. In the clip, she announced three big upcoming projects she had brewing for 2021.

The actress began the video by telling her fans that her YouTube channel that has been on hiatus for 5 months “will be coming back sooner than later.”

Her YouTube channel debuted to the public on the 4th of February,2020 and has about 13,700 subscribers and 192,020 views.

She then went on to vaguely tell her viewers that she might be working on a project with Kazadi films. Unfortunately, she couldn’t provide any further details on that.

Lastly, miss Mugala revealed her most ambitious project to date and she seemed very excited to share it. She revealed that she is working on a children’s book. She confessed that the book was one of the reasons for her absence on YouTube, she said: “I love children and just thought, let me do something for them and so I’ve been working on a book and the release date is not yet set but that is something as well to look forward to.”

Her announcement clip managed to peak the interests of her followers as it amassed over 10,000 views on Facebook. Most of her comments were positive and supportive praising her for the excellent work she has been doing over the years.

We can’t wait to see her plans come to fruition

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