NEWS » King Illest apologizes to Seventh Day Adventist Church

Lusaka based rapper King Illest has apologized to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This comes after the rapper faced backlash for his choice of outfit during his birthday bash last Saturday.

Last Saturday King Illest held a bash in celebration of his birthday, however, it is his outfit that has become the topic of the town.

Many people including the Adventist Church have called out King Illest for his outfit, stating it resembles the Adventist Church Uniform.

King Illest has quickly caught wind of the backlash and has taken to social media to apologize.

“I would first like to apologize to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and community over my birth party outfit. It was not meant to ridicule or mock the church.“ He wrote.

“My outfit was highly inspired by the king of Thailand’s Regalia and to pay homage to the late k.

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