M.I should have a rethink over his Album “The GUY” – Sharkskin


I chose Love over Hate, I chose humility over Pride, I chose Peace over war, I chose light over darkness, I chose life over death and I chose simplicity over complicatedness.

MI’S ALBUM Is undoubtedly a good project unravelling the density of a man’s heart towards fame, attention and self proclamation. But to my rating, the Album is ONLY SIGNIFICANT TO many THINGs in one big old round box! In the box, are items such as pride, arrogance and self imposition. There is a saying, “As a man thinketh, so is he”.

His ace, is a call to relevance and ofcourse to self EXALTATION of grieviances long lived, grounded in his heart, it was good he spit it out though, for he must have been psychologically unstable seeing how wack mc’s became the big attention they are today in the industry.
Isn’t it amazing?

Mi, felt bewided of this wackness, so he needed to restrategise his energy to accepting that anyone and ofcourse anybody can become “NAIJA’S superstar”.

He wanted the attention that was so dam good to the undeserving elements.

Observably, it humbled him, but yet it still wasn’t enough as he looked on to a players player strategy. He did bowed a little to those he felt Wack but in no distance time, he knows they would be bowing down sooner or later to him; seeing him always as the god he asummes he is.

Well, I pray his wishes be done unto him as he’s solely desired but nevertheless, I would want him to think again, because a stitch in time saves nine”.

As for us; We chose to stay away from rhetorics of all sorts of lifestyles.

Years ago, we ran fast and away from a system simply because Gods love saved us. Our ways wanting to achieve success as either entertainers truly wasn’t the way to live, if truly one wanted to live a Godly life; one must chose between knowing what was good and what wasn’t; for if we had gone for Lyrical war as Naija star’s, most Naija underground rappers won’t be here and alive today like me.

For all those enjoying MI’s chairmanship, you too need to have a rethink weather you want to live in Peace or war-up against those you think are your Lyrical foes, as it is believed

Remember son, “Pride goes before a fall”. My father once told me.

Technically, one needs to be careful to the kind of words use today as an artist; what you say today will someday come back and hunt you either as an individual or as a group of wanna be Artist.

Look at 2pac and Biggie today how did they end? It was a show of gangsterism that lyrically unearthed the beast in them. They went for an all round war but were did it get them to?

When words pierces the mind it sure will Pierce the soul to war or to Peace.

MI ofcourse is my favourite RapARTISTE.

But he should be careful of how his mentorship is going to play, if it hasn’t even started yet! Which ofcourse it has. MI is about to raise a breed of lyricist who probably will chose to war or simply chose to find Peace instead; especially as it concerns Naija and Africans in diaspora and the world at large.

Many lyrical stars disappeared from the scene during my time because most of us almost lost our lives as either gangster or as cultist.

The real men of the underground have long pass this moment of show of stardom.

My advice to MI is that he should settle down now as a Husband to his family and should stop Playing god of RAP and rise to Peace in his heart. MI no doubt is a pure lyrical jabber, but he should as well watch it and be careful especially at this time of Greatness and madness.

They say it’s showbusiness, but I say the business is Real for Real!!

God bless the Nigerian Music Industry.

SHARKSKIN. First Benson & Hedges Golden Tones Grab the Mic Music National Champion 1998/99

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