Lion devour man for attempting to be like Daniel

Beautiful lion (panthera leo) in a cage in captivity

A lion have devoured a man who is yet to be identified for attempting to be another biblical Daniel.

Wildlife officials stated in a statement that a man who has not yet been named was murdered in a Ghanaian zoo on Sunday after he scaled the barrier and entered their area.

A lion, a lioness, and two cubs were housed in the enclosure. However, according to authorities, one of the lions killed the guy on Sunday. The Accra Zoo statement also said that the lion, lioness, and cubs in the enclosure remained secure.

According to the Forestry Commission, the government organization in charge of wildlife in Ghana, the guy was mauled by the lion after scaling the perimeter gates of the zoo in the nation’s capital, Accra.

The statement added that the burglar had died from his wounds.

“The intruder was attacked and injured by one of the lions, within the inner fencing of the enclosure,”

A police spokesman told newsmen, “We’re investigating the case to establish how the man got into the restricted area.”

This is not the first time people will intentionally put themselves in harms way. In fact, they do it just to prove to the world that the possess some sort of supernatural power

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