Hermes Floors Dotun And Cyph, Emerges Week 2 HOH

Hermes has emerged as the winner of this week’s HOH challenge.

Tonight’s arena games determine the HOH for week 2, and once again, Big brother has merged both housemates from Level Up 1 and Level Up 2 in the Arena. However, there will only be one head of the house.

The winner of tonight’s HOH games, Hermes will be rewarded with Immunity from this week’s possible eviction, alongside their level housemate. They will also have bragging rights as the first HOH of the season.

Nonetheless, the loser of the game will also be rewarded with the “Tale Of House” title.

After fulfilling all aspects of tonight’s games, Eloswag emerged as the overall winner, making him the very first HOH of the season.

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