Ephraim bags Sony Music Africa deal

Zambia’s biggest veteran gospel singing powerhouse Ephraim just announced that he received a Sony Music Africa deal.

He posted the following on his Facebook page:-

“Growing up admiring artists who were signed under international labels and wondered how I was going to one day get there. I kept on working and improving my Art by Gods grace.

This year is indeed a year of supernatural breakthrough, Imagine receiving a call from SONY Music Africa…

Nations are calling indeed.

The comments were very supportive and centred around how amazing it was that his music could win even more souls for Christ on an international scale.

One of the singer’s fans said “Big congratulations to You, I don’t know what to say but glory to God. I have a collection of gospel songs and your songs are among the songs that draw me closer to God.

May the name of the Lord be glorified in all that you do.


Another said “Congratulations Sir, Your songs really minister to a lot of souls. May God continue using you.”

Though there was a massive swarm of congratulations, there was also some stern advice given reminding him not to be swayed by worldly things to make him forget his faith and where he has come from.

One fan said, “Congratulation sir just be conscience of these international music company when they bring ungodly conditions in your music but enticing you with big deals. remember who made you the artist they are now looking for. I should have inboxed you this advice but for the sake of many other upcoming who will soon or later be called for big deals, I took this opportunity to post it here. I know you are a great man of God and a man with a sound judgement. greater doors are opening sir”

Another fan offered practical legal and music industry advice stating “Just review anything they offer carefully, with a lawyer if you can. Some artists are bound to contracts they wish they could get out of. Gospel artists are told not to mention the name of Jesus on their records and secular artists sometimes don’t start making any money until towards the end of their careers as the labels charge hefty levies for promotion. Otherwise, this is good to hear.”

That being said we wish Ephraim all the best in his new endeavours with Sony Music Africa and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him

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