Why A Lot Of Successful Women Are Still Single – Blessing CEO


Blessing Ceo has given an insight into the reason most successful women are still single.

According to the relationship expert, a successful woman is intimidating to a lot of women and this is why most of them are still single.

She goes on to say that many of these men cannot bear to have women who are more successful than they are by their sides.

She also added that this set of men do so because they bring nothing other than sex to the table.

In her words;

It is because a lot of men do not have any other thing to offer a woman apart from money, yes just money.

So when you start making money as a woman, a lot of men get intimidated

The truth is a lot of men are small minded, many men are still boys covered in Men’s body because in this part of the world, when you have a manhood that is standing and sleeping, that is still functioning, they call you a man.

but so many men are still boys, they don’t know how to handle a woman, they don’t know that a woman has other needs apart from money. So when they see that a woman has money of her own, they get intimidated, they would not know what else to do for her.

A real man would not be intimidated by a woman’s sucesss, he will focus on what she has and what she can bring, and what she can bring is VALUE which money cannot buy.

We also have Lazy men today who always feel that Women with money are not going to respect them and most of those things are Illusions, it comes with poverty.

When people are poor, they exaggerate alot of things.

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