MUSIC : Dark Knight – Kwatu (Prod. By Rich Pro & Keys)

Outstanding Zambian recording artist Dark Knight has dropped a sizzling and interesting studio number called “Kwatu.”

In his words, he shared the song saying, “I’ve been working on this song for a while it’s inspired by Mate by Joyce and James Nyirongo. It’s about how we all have our own perspectives of the real world, and how it feels to be in a society that is influenced by delusion. The way this song connects with me is because I think a lot about what I’d do if I were in a situation where everyone around me was delusional. What would my own perspective be? How would it affect me? And what would happen if I tried to speak out against the delusions of others?.”

The song “Kwatu” is a way for Dark Knight to explore these questions and discover what they mean. It’s also a way for him to connect with people struggling with similar issues.

I hope you enjoy it. Check it out below.Audio Player


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