“Commot This Thing Nau..” – The Moment Nigerian Ladies Caught a ‘Disguised’ Davido In Amsterdam

Davido might be the king of Afrobeats, but he is not the king of disguises. The singer is trending after two Nigerian ladies recognized him in Amsterdam.

Davido and his lawyer, Prince (Bobo) disguised to for a late night snack. They went to McDonald’s to get burger and chips, fortunately for them, the counter staff didn’t recognize them.

Davido’s lawyer was filming the whole thing, but as they were about leaving, two Nigerian ladies working at McDonald’s recognized him.

“Na Davido, Go and bring Phone“, The First Lady told the other one on a pink top when they recognized him.

A slightly confused, but Happy Davido told them not to bother as he hugged them. They posed for some pictures together and Davido answered some of the questions, his fans had for him.

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