BBNAIJA7: “It’s Hard For Me” – Hermes Iyele Tells Why He Has 2 Partners

Level 2 hosuemate, Hermes Iyele has shared with his fellow hosuemates what Nigerians have been dying to know.

It will be recalled that Hermes revealed that he has 2 partner’s on entring the house. As expected, his fellow houemates were beyond shocked upon learning about his type of relationship – a polyamorous relationship.

Nonetheless, the new Big Brother Naija tried to make them understand why he made such a decison.

Speaking to them, he said;

So they are amazing Queens cos the template of our relationship is an agreed…….Like I said I am not single but at the same time free to have whatever I want.
I will explain. The template of the kind of relationship I have with my partners is called “a polyamorous relationship

But the kind of polyamorous relationship I practice with my partners is such that we both or three of us have a certain freedom.

So it’s hard to imagine because it is difficult to actualize. It really is.

Talk about having to be jealous all the time. For a man this is a hard thing to thing about.

For a woman, in my opinion, women are very emotionally intelligent.

I have had to deal with a lot.
I met Magreta (German-Ethiopian) on a tour.

It’s a choice between every individual involved. It’s is hard for me and them as well. so if I’m asking for the freedom to have more than one because I try to be as fair as possible I’m allowed to allow then have that and if you think that that is easy, it’s a lie beacuse I also get jealous but that is an emotion that can be managed.

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