“A Lot Of People Have A Wrong Narrative About Liposuction” – Blessing Okoro

Popular relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has said that a lot of Nigerians seem to have the wrong perception of liposuction.

The mother of 2, who recently went under the knife, has said that a lot of people think having liposuction will add much flesh to one’s buttocks, however, that is not the case.

She maintained that the procedure does not make one more fleshy in the ass, but rather makes them curvier.

She explained;

I think a lot of u have a wrong narrative about liposuction. Liposuction no mean say u go carry yansh wey big pass u. Liposuction is just getting that sculpture body to shape. Bbl is transferring the fat to the right place (butt) I was size 10 and still size 10, but now I am a curvy size 10.

Liposuction does not mean big yansh ??, or over size yansh. Liposuction is removal of fat. Bbl is putting that fat u removed to sculpture your butt ..

It does not have to be over size, just do ur body size and frame.

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