[VIDEO] Bello Vocal Ft Sonic Man – Kano City (Official Video)

Bello Vocal drops another single titled KANO

TA DABO . It is a well known fact that Kano

is the only state in Northern Nigeria that

so many artistes (both hiphop, contempory,

traditional and other genres) have sang

for. The acient city has a lot of rich

cultural heritage that is second to none.

There is a Kano adage which says “Kano ta

dabo tumbin giwa, ko da mai ka zo an fi

ka”. Do i need to translate that statement?

Well, it means “Kano,the great city with

almost anything.Whatever you come along

with, they have more than that.”

Produced by the artiste himself,Bello Vocal

features Kano based R&B artiste Sonicman .


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