Tacha Calls Out Colleagues Over PVC

Tacha has called out her colleagues for not using their platforms to influence people to get their PVCs.

The reality tv star, who has been going out of her way to sensitize, as well as, encourage locals took to Twitter to bare her thoughts.

It will be recalled that she gave out palliative to the people of DEGEMA in a bid to encourage them to get their PVCs.

Fans, who noticed her efforts rebuked her colleagues for not applauding her.

In response, Tacha wrote;

So many people are richer than I am! So many people have more influence than I DO! Use that INFLUENCE to encourage your fans! Spread the New Nigeria like wild fire!!

A Nigeria with SMILING NIGERIANS, A Nigeria our CHILDREN’S Children will enjoy! IT STARTS NOW! It STARTS with US.

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