Mixter Bash is determined to express himself using the greatest instrument at his disposal which is hiphop. His music is positive and sometimes elaborate different sphere of taughts experienced by mankind. Making his word capable of changing ones mindset or way of thinking.

He described his 4th mixtape project with a quote, stating… ” create a positive song that is worthy of changing someone’s mindset” Mixter Bash 2016

Follow Mixter Bash on Instagram @mixtermoremusic on his quest put Kano and Arewa on the world map again.

Download songs by clicking the titles below

1.Muhammad Ali

2.Jah Put Ah Hand

3. Mega Sallam

4. Kauce Daga Hanya

5. Collegeboi Freestyle

6. Dankano

7. iMan

8. Masoyiyata

9. Fire Flow

12. Basarwa

13. Wanene Kai

14. Siyasa

15. Famous

16. Legendary Instrumental
Sautina produced by Mixter Bash himself and Basaji featuring Daddyfresh Jamal and @iamwiblow download link coming soon.

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