Media Personality Kie Kie, Denies Falling Off Stage, Says It Was Only A Prank


Popular media personality and show host, Bukunmi Adeaga, widely known as Kie Kie has reacted to a trending video of her falling off the stage.

Over the weekend, Kie Kie hosted the 2022 Trendup Award. However, a video that clearly shows her falling off the stage has been making the rounds.

While reacting the said video on one of the blogs on Instagram, Kie Kie noted that she did not fall off the state, but pranked the audience instead.

She wrote;

That caption should read: the moment KIEKIE pranked the Audience! Weren’t you Like at the event? I love the playback effect tho! Makes you look pathetic with your attempt! Me I wee not fall down in Jesus name (Praying and laughing emoji).

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