[LETTER] An open Letter, from MEDICAL students of Benue state university, to Father ALIA


[LETTER] An open Letter, from MEDICAL students of Benue state university, to Father ALIA

[LETTER] An open Letter, from MEDICAL students of Benue state university, to Father ALIA


This letter is to address Father Alia, the incoming benue state governor , about the problems ‘CLINICAL MEDICAL STUDENTS’ (400lv - 600lv), of benue state university are going through.

Three very depressing roads to take in life, where young people get ignored, with the thought that they are doing all right include;

THE ARMY: when young people gain admission into the army, 80% of parents would relax and feel they pay Soldier students, case been they get only a little pay or even nothing. The support Is slashed, and as usual, parents celebrate when you get admitted into the army, and later on, you are left to walk all alone, down the road to graduation, many got few people to even talk to. AM TRYING TO MAKE A POINT

NYSC MEMBERS: 80% of nigerian parents would stop giving you the least support, once you get called to NYSC camp. Why is this so? They conclude that the federal government is paying you 33,000 naira , therefore , you are doing well, this is usually the opposite. Thesecorpers are far from home and have to pay for everything that needs to go through their mouth, my elder brother served in Ekiti state, I PERSONALLY WENT THERE TOO, in Benue state, to make soup, #500 naira can get you a nice soup, am here to tell you that in Ekiti state, if you don’t budget #2,500 for a 2 day soup, forget about it…… ok my brother was collecting 33k and my parents forgot about him already, so how much him go use chop? , how much him go buy cloth? Transportation nko?, MY BROTHER WAS DEPRESSED, no cap. 

MEDICAL STUDENTS: this is strictly for Clinical students, those from 400lv - 600lv, in the medical school, originally 6yrs, you will spend not less than 8yrs +, during this period, the pre-clinicals are usually fun, in the CLINICALS, you find out that, you have some needs that apart from the little your parents give you, you need more money to survive and be in the good mood to take in all the clinicals wahala.by this time, all who celebrated when you got admission, will leave you and be waiting to rejoice again when you are graduating, they don’t share in the struggle, only ‘JUBILATION’. 

[LETTER] An open Letter, from MEDICAL students of Benue state university, to Father ALIA


The clinical medical students (400lv - 600lv) of benue state university were paid some allowances, which I learnt, the current governor of Benue state stopped the pay, or whoever stopped it.

Another reason I heard was: students were receiving money and later bought cars and were misbehaving, ….. Now, this is a lie, whoever stopped the payment to clinical students, is an enemy of medicine and I urge Father alia to restore this payment, no matter how little, to help clinical students survive more on campus.

My reasons are  

Getting into the medical school, most students lay down all the skills and businesses they have acquired, because the load work in studying medicine, especially in the benue state university is cumbersome, and the things been expensive, the little your parents send is not that sufficient.

The duration to graduate from medicine is so prolonged, and most parents literally get tired, after paying school fees…. which ORTOM increased, they still have to pay for even your smallest needs. 

Look!! medical students wont voice this out, but you see me? I go talk, on a hundred%

Things aren’t smooth, no be everything at the age of 26yrs, I will call my parents to ask them of ok? Please, 

People who can do business while in medical school, ARE HIGHLY VERSATILE PEOPLE, you literally read just now and forget, pay clinical students a little, let them concentrate more.

I just spoke for my people

The thing is not even me ok? , i get my doings, but I cant brag, because am into it, and I know wassup

Father Alia should act on this when he is in office, as a governor.

My name is 


Mbbs, BSU, MKD

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