[ENT NEWS] Gegebuzy – Biography

Umar Ibrahim Dass is his real name he was born in BAUCHI state, Jama’are. A Hausa hiphop artist very well famous in the north of Nigeria.The stage name Gege-BUZY he had it way back when he was a teenager,GEGE have a concrete educational background from primary school through secondary school to higher institution.

At early age, the young GEGE already passionately shows his love for music attending event within neighbourhood and in his secondary school he belong to “mo-hit crew” a group then formed the love to Don jazzy’s mo hits were they freestyle and dance.
Gege-BUZY continue life struggle going low with music and concentrating more on education.In early 2011, he took another dimension with music by joining “The ice Gee” in kaduna at first he compose and produce music along the line The binta crooner decided to sing his first track was “sarewagba” ft benzi.
In the Late 2011 Gege-BUZY geared his musical aspiration when he created “Arewa Empire Mate” porpulaly called “AÈM”now one of the famous and leading music label in the northern nigeria(in it logo is the great sir Abubakar tafawaBalewa) taking along some of his former group members the likes of Shockzey,Prestige,Da white and Dan Sambo.Gege-BUZY with some hands transformed AEM from a corner stood to a known entertainment platinum with great fans all over the country.(glory to God coz GEGE BakaDacase)

Brilliant GEGE records hit after hit some of which are Yayan Mage,Mazaje ne,KD city cyper, Ni Da Abokina,Kai waye?, Niggah talk arewa banger, Thank God and more.

His track Abbati which was directed by AricoTv brake the record in Hausa hip hop emerging in the top stream also Binta a track that was highly loved and sing all around the north. TARKO is the latest track in the air blasting in radio stations and music library.

He is not stopping as he keep moulding and shaping AEM to top entertainment currently co-manage the label with MŔ.zacks aka za-ka also on board is the GOMBE known rapper Mallaxy.Arewa Empire Mates is on the verge of taking over music in the north so much to come anticipate more music as they say “less noise more plans”.

As an artist he have multiple collaborations with artist like, B.O.C,DjAb,Shockzey,Jigsaw,XRay,Daladawa,Lemeul knight,Jazkid,Lil M,Tafc C,Benzi,Device exclusive etc

GEGE-BUZY remain smart and loving artist, an icon of hope,mentor,religious and hardworking so hardworking that he simultaneously handle his music career together with his private career.His style of music is widely accepted and fan base keep escalating, His kind are rare so kind,funny and fun to be with and a northern music promoter currently working on an album title BANI DA CASE set to be realease in 2017 having lots of Mega artist in the album.

Social I.D: Twitter handle @Gege_buzy, instagram @Gege-buzy and Facebook @UmaribrahimdassGB

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