Davido Shares ‘JAPA’ Plan If APC Wins At The 2023 General Elections

Nigerian singer, Davido has shared his plans of relocating after watching APC Ekiti State Gubernatorial rally.

He took to Instagram to hint about his relocation after Gov. Fayemi introduced Gov. Abiodun as the: “Eleyi of Ogun State”.

This introduction is coming days after Tinubu described Gov. Dapo Abiodun as Eleyi meaning this ‘one’ at a political gathering in Ogun State. People thought it was disrespectful but after seeing the stunt Fayemi pulled at the rally, they realized there is more to it.

Reacting to the rally, Davido revealed that these politicians are playing with us. According to him, they have no intention to change the country and if the push gets to shove, he will relocate from Nigeria.

In his words; “They are playing with us at this point. I Kuku get Yankee Passport smh!!“

Aside the Japa plan, He also revealed how aspirants can win at the upcoming general elections.

“The only way to win election now in Nigeria is to win the votes … We no wan hear any other thing!!! If u win u win if U lose u lose!!! GO HOME!!!”

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