Walo, The Underscore – Predator

Rechercher, which is a French word, means introspection, to search for, to seek or to look for. Friendly advice – If you don’t have the tongue for French, DO NOT try to pronounce it.

The 6-song EP is a portfolio of sorts, introducing you to the versatility of the artist, Walo, the underscore, serving as his debut into the world of music.

Walo, The Underscore, took his time to dish out a scrumptious delicacy, especially if you’re adventurous with food. Starting with the prelude melody Flavour Explosion which takes you back to the 80s. Running Wild is a mix of the first medley infused with rap. Now Predator is your oldies club music but the vocals aren’t one to be toyed with. This fourth song is for anime lovers – Ikigai (fun fact? You can hear this song in Japanese if you let loose your mind). On Mafreakyzolo, the name it reminds of is no coincidence; it’s your African vibes music. And lastly, if you want to prevent premium breakfast, it is your go-to.

All songs were produced, written and performed by the artist himself.

Listen and Enjoy the third track titled “PREDATOR” below;


Walo, The Underscore is an explosion of brilliant colours. Born in Lagos and well-travelled, the Abuja-based musician fuses spectrums of philosophy, emotions and genres into what he calls ‘the music of the human condition’. A delicate and versatile artiste, he designs his music to connect with body and soul – from the gbedu to the meaning. If you asked him, his inspiration is from “everyone, everywhere, making beautiful music”, he says. And true to his words, music from ‘the underscore’ leaves you asking questions and wanting more

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