THE DAYS OF BLACKBERRY and days of IPHONE by king cyrus


THE DAYS OF BLACKBERRY and days of IPHONE by king cyrus

I doubt if majority of people still enjoy using BLACKBERRY phones today. The once upon a time MOST DESIRED PHONE.

I lived in Aba when blackberry phones were still popular, people died for stealing it, some were burnt alive, ladies were disgraced for trying to steal it or should we talk about the ones who got pregnant or lost their virginity for it.

The same is happening with iPhones now, most people will do anything just to own the latest iphone. In the eyes of some, owning an iphone is one of the definitions of SUCCESS.

But is that so? No!

Imagined how as humans, we can so admire things that wouldn’t stand the test of time that we forget the things that really matters?

When you bring this into RELATIONSHIP, you will notice that most people aren’t even PREPARING FOR THEIR MARRIAGE, they are only busy preparing for their WEDDING which is just a one day event that will be forgotten overtime, the way we have forgotten the BLACKBERRY.

It’s been said overtime that when you FAIL TO PREPARE, you are definitely PREPARING TO FAIL and this is an indisputable truth.

FAILURE to prepare for your marriage will definitely be YOU PREPARING YOUR MARRIAGE for failure.

While you are still single, what are you doing to ensure that your MARRIAGE enjoys more peace?

Are you gathering knowledge on marriage?

Do you go for seminars, read books or listen to tapes?

Are you making more money to ensure that you and your spouse don’t have to worry about money or are you spending everything hoping that GOD WILL PROVIDE IN MARRIAGE?

Are you working on your bad habits and weaknesses to ensure you present a better version and personality to your partner?

Are you praying for your MARRIAGE, are you securing the spiritual borders?

As you stay single, you should also prepare for MARRIAGE if you wish to get married someday.

Don’t leave the SUCCESS of your marriage to chance.


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