Ten (10) Fastrising Kaduna Acts To Look Out For This 2022

There's a lot of Hardworking (Independent) Acts Popping Up in Kaduna who have cultivated their very own fan base with the help of blogs, Social media and Consistency.

These Acts, over the last year, released a handful of stunning Projects paired with melodic, introspective Lyrical Contents that are as relatable to a kid growing up in the Most Remote areas in Nigeria/Globally.

Their rise hasn't been overly quick, Most of their songs are racking up Massive streams And Downloads—but perhaps most importantly, their buzz is entirely organic, Some of them are paving their own lanes and sound.

So in no particular Order I Present to You The (10 Kaduna Based Artists to Watchout For This 2022)


1. BQueen Voca

2. Trippy Lee

3. Khing SB

4. Pace Maker

5. Elcute Foreign

6. Whe nom

7. Nino Inspirez

8. Shmaress

9. A6ixx

10. Peam B


1. Word Slay

2. Speaker

3. Prodo

4. Fredie Bounce

5. Sanasi

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