OMG! !Checkout the latest Za'ar most active foundation DAWOMPES

OMG! !Checkout the latest Za'ar most active foundation DAWOMPES

The power of leadership is to create opportunities to the less privileged and protect the interest and integrity of the masses. Dawomdah Joseph seems to be honest in making the right decisions as he create the fast dominating most active zaar Non governmental organisation among zaar individuals and across the nation at large.

This organisation is an organisation that focus in creating, motivating and building a safe reliant environment to communities by providing necessary resources and support educationally and branding feature talent and grooving skills among youths in the communities.

The organisation was founded by the phenomenal selfless leader Dawomdah Joseph, which its first out reach was the disbursement of financial support to widows and orphans ,as shown in the pictures below

The man at the middle is the chairman, Dr.sulaiman ayuba and committee after the disbursement in bongah cocin centre

Donations continue

Above pictures are the recent reports of the foundation enrichment in the communities.

The chairman Dr Suleiman ensured that the foundation would keep working hard in building a cordial relationship among youths for common interests and branding.

He further stated that more updates is coming soon.

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