MUSIC: Ricqy Ultra – Sauka Lafiya

While undertaking his Simply Ultralistic Radio Tour, Ricqy Ultra dropped this exciting single titled SAUKA LAFIYA which literally means SAFE JOURNEY. This song is just one of the many surprises that the multi-talented artist has up his sleeves.

SAUKA LAFIYA is a song dedicated to most drivers and passengers who ply the routes of the country’s ever busy roads. Either you are a traveller embarking on a short/long trip, Ricqy Ultra is wishing you journey mercies. But keep in mind that safety comes first.

According to Ricqy Ultra, drivers should always put on their seat belts, drive at the appropriate speed limits set by the authority and likeewise, passengers should always ensure that they board in the approved motor parks for proped travel documentation.

Ricqy Ultra spreads his messages in this unique hip-hop beat which was produced by QRY MUSIQ, mixed by NexceZz Beatz and re-mastered by KastiQ Media Productions.

Download and listen to this Hausa flavored song.

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