MUSIC: Jbradas – Letter To P-Square (Prod By Jbrada)

Joseph and John James (J-bradas) are identical twins from minna, the state capital of Niger State,Nigeria.They started music at an early stage, back then in secondary school, they formed a music and dancing group, as they were always addressed as Peter and Paul due to their singing and dancing skills, it was there dream and aspirations to one they attain the peak of their talents even as they look up to God, and P-square as their source of inspiration.
They currently have trending songs like ”Holiday,Base on Logistics and No GraGra”.
Their unique music production skills and style has distinct them from other upcoming artist as most of their songs are produced by them such as this.
(Letter to P-square) is a song they sang in regards to the current disagreements between the African/Nigerian music legend’s (P-square), as they expressed their deep concern, and also pleaded with them to forgive and forget whatever that might have fueled their quarrels.
“We are twins and we also experience misunderstandings too, but we believe God that has made us winners right from the womb, has brought us to this world to win together. We love you and we still believe in P-square!! We sincerely pray this letter brings back the unity between the brothers” they concluded.

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