LYRICS: B.O.C – Ra’Ayi (Song Lyrics)


[B.O.C,You Are A Good Rapper But Please Reduce Hausa In Your Music,Hausa Music No Dey Reign For South Nigeria O.Give Us Something Like ‘LEGACY’,You Get?]

-VN:Hausa May Not Be Selling In The South[Ji Mana,Ku Tsaya Guys!] But Definitely, The Lagos Market Is Beginning To Appreciate Some Hausa Flavour

-VN: The Truth Is,Base On The Kind Of Country We’re Living In Man,The Whole Bullshit,The Whole B.S On The Indigenous Rap And All Is Fucking Up The Industry.I Think To Be Real With You,I A Kind Of Agree With What He’s Saying

-VN: We Are Proud Of Our Culture As Northerners.The South Should Be Proud Of Theirs.We Adopted To Their Style Of Music,Their Lyrics,Their Beats.I Think They Too Can Adopt To Ours.

-VN: You Don’t Have To Change Entirely.You Fit Just Do One Song For Them Inside The Album,Just One Or Two.

-VN: Just Come Up With Good Music


*I Remember How It Begun

*December Two Thousand And Ten

*Quit Living Real Life In A Dream

*Life Of A New Pac Should Begin,

*Then I Took A Night Bus From Beehive To Lagos

*It Was Like There And Then Grind Would Pay Us

*And Back Home Everybody Proud That I Made It

*Saying Amen To Their Wishes Praying God Crown My Endeavours

*Cup Of Tea,10 Bucks Sugar,5 Pieces Of Cabin Biscuit

* Morning After Morning Hoping I Get Out Of This Shit

*At A Point I Thought This Music Thing Ain’t Gonna Work Out For Me

*But The Type That Never Give Up Is Who I’m So Proud To Be

*One Studio Session,One Radio Interview

*One Photo Session In Five Months? Performance Lame and Mute

*Took My Backpack,Headed To The Park Sad.

*Its Like The Dreams’ Dead But Up North All My Fans’ Glad

*By The News Of My Homing Coming

*Even Though I Ain’t Got Nothing,I Was So Fund Of Thanksgiving—

*With My Vocal In Fine Rhythm

*Just Being True To Why I’m Living

*They Say Be Careful How You Fly

…..Cos Traffic Dey Sky

*But Dream Die When Zeal Die

*I Was Just Twenty Two…

…With Little Or No Idea About What Many Knew

*Young Broke Rapper With No Connection

*Stuck In The Groove,All Stranded,No Dough For Session

*Kid With The Gift In A Big City

-Ba Ni Da Sisi Da Ni,I

*Gotta Answer This Call,Gotto Go Talk To My People

*I’m Coming Back As A Star Lagos,In Peace I Leave You

-VN: Na Nineteen States Dey North O,And At The End Of The Day Man,You No Fit Satisfy Everybody

-VN: Even Though Maybe They Didn’t Get To Hear Some Of Your Albums,Ai Akwai Na Turanci Ai Ko.

-VN:This Is Hip Hop,Personally For Me I Prefer Your English Rap Songs.

-VN:Mutane Sun Fi Son Irin Yanayin Yadda Ka Ke Tafiyattar Da Wakar Ka,Hakan Ne Ya Jawo Fans Suke Son Ka Sosai

-VN: Don Allah Ka Mantar Da Su,Mu Lokacin Da Suka Rike Mana Wuta Suna Mana Wakoki Da Yarbanci Da Inyamranci Yaya Muka Yi?

-VN: Once The Time Is Ripe They Will Buy You In The Whole Country You Know.Some People Might Learn Hausa Through Your Music.


*Yaro Dan Gidan B.J. Madaki,A Typist

*Mahaifiyar Sa Ba Ta Taba Yadda Ya Yi Laifi

*Chan Baya Kamin Ya Koya Rubuta Baiti

*Ta Kan Sa Shi Dole,Tana Waka Yana Amshi

*Kwanakin Baya Harkan Waka Ta Kai Sa Kudu

*Bayan Watanni Kadan Ya Nufo Gida Da Gudu

*Kowa Dai Na Ta Fade Faden Sa

*Me Zan Ce? Bayan Babban Yaya Sai Mai Venza

*Ko Ma Ya Dai,These Made Me Discover The Man In Me

*Enemy Of A Friend Of Me Who’s Ashamed Of His Pedigree

*Hausa Turanci Ne,Turanci Ma Hausa Ne

*Yanzu Na Dan Kware,Har Murnan Ji Na A Ke

*Normal Person

*Tryna Make Global Impact With Foreign And Local Verses

*I’m Never Poor With Purpose

*Yea You Heard Me Talking

*Knew I’ll Be Great Before I Became Worthy Of Endorsements

*Wassu Na Cewa Baba Switch From English To Hausa

*Wassu Na Cewa Na Your Pure English Rap The South Like

*Wassu Na Cewa Baba No,Just Keep It Engausa

*Ga Irin Salon Da Na Fi Son Yi,Toh Yanzu How Far?

*I’m A Mobile Temple

*Da Duk Yaren Da Na Iya Nake Sarrafa Sauti

*Ba Girman Garin Da Ba Za Mu Iya Zama Ba Yanzu

*In Ce Wuyan Ne Mu Samu Gun Zama Da Abun Hawa,

*Mu Samu Studion Recording Da Abun Fada

*Arewa Sha Tara,Kum

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