LYRICS: + AUDIO Taf C Gatdem Ft Jigsawmuje X Flexdee X Feezo


is that 2016 cypher Iyeah! I got djabdul here with me and I also gat, one of the finest jiggy ,(yaai) Flexdee(Kai) , feezo (hehe) turn up nigga

Am balling in ma city

Some niggers think am greedy

Cox they saw me in the T.V and they thinking that am weezy .

Yeah bitches make me lazy.

That’s why am going crazy

Am fast like machine that’s why they call me baby.

Baby show me what you gat

Feezo surely gat a lot.U

If you go out your senses you will come a back to your senses.

Yess bitches think am great cox they saw mevh in the stage.

say ma name say ma name

Tafc tell em what a shame .

Cox passing With ma hy niggers and some bitches masturbate. Hehe Dont know what she’s riding cox she’s riding on Bugatti , Bugatti like Ferrari and Ferrari on the rally
Ohhh ohhh haters need a job they don’t really have a job
Cox they are hatting on their bosses and their bosses are on top.
Gatdem niggers we on top.
yess we surely gat a lot.
Yess am really in the system and there’s no way i can stop.
Oh am hiding my emotions cox am moving in my motion.
To Show you that am gifted I’ll be sinking in the ocean.
Upps!!! I know you feel my style
Momy come and see your child .
If you really love the gatdem niggers lemme see you shout !!!!!
[VERSE 2Tafc Gatdem]

Its Tafc bitch and bitch I’m from my mothers land that’s some real shit
That’s some shit im on Cappuccino my cologne gat this crazy niggas hating cause im troubling their zonesss yeah
And i got thirteen hundred bitches waiting on me and I ain’t that stingy amma share it with my homies and that’s some shit im on Farida Hadiza or or Aisha then I ended up with Tina and gave birth to sabrina
Amma boss shit . Tell me what you want bitch bands that make her dance make her dance is what she’s on it
Now check who I bang with check out who I lean with its 108gang gone rep it till I ain’t shit, who ain’t shit? Now check out who im banging with got a bad bitch from Atlanta and she blows up like a Mexican some shortly are like a lesbian make me want em like i am the shit
Got me turn up got me feeling like I am the shit I am the shiiit
Sipping purple syrup now im feeling lowkey trips dont last for ever same with cash dont get it chokie
Now im kinda focus cause this Benzes brings the man in me
I hope I dont get greedy cause I fell in love with fantastic
Tattoos round my chest hope this cancer bitch dont …. Clam down on my life cause chasing on this,
Squat 5 shot it low young nigga that move that dope young Nigga that prove that flow
now im tryna get it dow

Proud of what I bought up now my pops and moms they proud of they Proud of what I bought up mane im Proud because im proud of
Im proud of my hustler mind proud of that this shit is mine proud that it didn’t had to take time before I get my grind
Im focus on the chadda yeah im getting filthy Rich young ass nigga getting filthy rich swagging with the flows you know how we roll its 108 nigga ah Goooooo shit
[VERSE 3 Jigsawmujee]
Lyrics for jigsaw mujee
Mr jiggy pretty mo fo (cough) pardon me and that’s an order don’t beg for pardons..
You don’t wana near The guys I’m palling.. With.. Trust me
How many times yo ma ma say kiyayi wannan rappern.. Inna shigo suna likimo cuz m the swag Dracula messed around made a formula sun CE da Ni spectacular put the put the purple in purpula..
Without me wallai she don’t even make sense.. Zallan grammer ce ba magic Mehn I shape tense.. Peqe su sui tsini Allah tsine z cux Inna fara daga A nasan meye a qarshe.. Oshe
Now lets define hostile situation involving unfortunate casualties code operation.. Simple jiggy on a microphone haha.. Badda boy turn badder .. Piss em off I guess I got the case and bladder.. Bawllin.. All black hate to say but I make this look good.. Call me what ever banda kiriku cuz me I wreck shit up.. Small but Mighty nigga sexy uh!!
Call this reincarnation if only Elvis was a rapper.. Haha .. Wooah!! 2016 I’m d 1 toh Na Baku 206 din yara ku fita yawo.. Haha ya dig??..,it’s jiggy mujibabae! YNS Kadunan ce zalla
Jarimi flex kunsanni bana tsoran yaki
I don’t care about tabare inharde zan dauki maki
Wait karkaso kaganni ina aiki
Kaman aljani ajinsin zahiri kama da Zaki
A akurki anan kake kiyon kaji turke ai sai tumaki
Dasu akeyin laiya inbabu toga Awaki
Kai jaki kauce wannan tafiyan ai saidawaki
“O” rap kake bida tokataho gidanta
Karinga bani respect tamkar kaga mufasa
karda dai kakasa
kasoyo kamar masa
Karinga maida kanka tamkar kulin gurasa
Girma girmane but nawa yana asama

If u want to be on top

See my hand kazo ka kama

Gagara badan namiji

She called me mazan fama

Raps to me is nono ga furan nazo na dama.


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