Hamilton singing in the rain

Lightning, rain and narrowly avoided a hitch. The qualifications of the Malaysian Grand Prix have certainly allowed Hamilton to monopolize pole ahead of Vettel, but there should be a straightforward explanation in the Mercedes clan.

A first friction that could have other consequences ... At the heart of a qualifying session marked by a big storm that particular trapped Raikkonen (11th) or Sainz (15th) with the onset of rain in Q2, the two Mercedes drivers have already shown that everything could be complicated between them this season. Because if Hamilton was phenomenal in his first flying lap in Q3 in the rain, it is this time that will offer him the pole, he was slightly embarrassed by Rosberg on his second lap.

Certainly Rosberg departed but making minimal effort so that his teammate was forced to abort its attempt, turn being ruined. Sebastian Vettel has failed to take advantage by failing to 74 thousandths at its ultimate passage. The Ferrari driver still breaks the series of first-line Mercedes ... A 100% performance choice that should be noted and appreciate the true value in the Italian clan.

Rosberg, he was not comfortable in the rain and had to settle for the third position. It may also blow because if Vettel had finished pole, it would have been more difficult for him. At a press conference, Hamilton has not unearthed the hatchet, dropping "I do not really remember" about the incident. A replica that earned a frank smile Vettel placed at his side. No doubt the Mercedes debriefing will be far less politically correct

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