Gboko is arguably one of the most planned towns in Nigeria

Gboko is arguably one of the most planned towns in Nigeria

 Today, I fondly remember Gboko particularly for the manner in which it rejects oppression in whatsoever form

Gboko is arguably one of the most planned towns in Nigeria. With very favourable weather conditions, affordable standard of living, good road network and top-notch security, Gboko is a place to be

Over the years, Gboko has persistently come against all forms of oppression in a fashion that should be emulated by all communities in Nigeria

In political thuggery, Gboko is a place where thugs have been neutralized to a great extent. In cultism, Gboko has also done her best in reducing cult related activities to the barest minimum. In other social crimes like theft and kidnapping, Gboko comes all out to pounce on perpetrators, making intending ones to fold their tails 

I remember when a criminal who named himself ONE MAN came terrorising the town. We were confident that it won't take long before he will meet his Waterloo. Similar men of his nature have been neutralized on occasions in the past too numerous to mention

In protecting the land against external aggressions, I remember some young men who have decided on their own to mane  the Gboko South axis of the town through out the 24hrs of the day since time immemorial to check the activities of outsiders who arrive the town for trade or for whatsoever other reason without Government pay

In all this, Gboko does it with pride for the town they love

Last December, I made it to Gboko and then to the latest club in town. I noticed that those who had made money came to club to mimick the Dorime avalanche done in big cities, buying bottles of drinks for as high as 20k to 40k per bottle, causing the DJ and hypeman to turn their attention and that of the entire club to them depriving other attendees who couldn't afford the luxury, of the systematic music and entertainment they will enjoy

Today, five months on, I hear that Gboko people have decided to rise against this recent and modern form of oppression. Today in Gboko, never minding how expensive you buy a bottle of drink, you can not turn the club's music to Dorime to oppress those who can't afford the luxury

Ior Gboko venda oppression u Dorime kwagh doom je gande.

Gboko Doo

Gboko nyoho

Sende Patrick Shachia

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