[Full lyrics] Moxie Rated ft Rays - Moves - Listen and vibe along


[Full lyrics] Moxie Rated ft Rays - Moves - Listen and vibe along

Yeah yeah yeah MOVES(MOVES)

TRENDING:🔥 Music] Moxie ft Rays - Moves (On deh low) (prod. Waveunionbeats & Pyefa)

[Verse 1]

I tell her baby I'm not Duncan but I'm mighty 

I just wanna hop hop in a benzo with a brand new Nike!

And you Look like sweet jollof but I can make you more spicy 

And the pictures and paparazzi really don't Excite me deh gossiping talking sh*t 

don't concern me 

You claiming you the shit ?! Like a toilet ama flush it

Make you kick the bucket like you was caught picking pocket

I love most of dem girls...

But they steady looking my pocket

So I aim high like a rocket and I'm never missing my target!!![Hook/chorus]


Steady with deh MOVES

Yeah we making MOVES

 Yeah we steady with deh MOVES

Yeah we get them in the mood 

Omuh now they deh the mood

But we keep it on deh low

On deh low...(x3)

On deh low low low

On deh low low 

We moving on deh low lo lo

Keep it on deh low low low

Moving on deh low!!

Moving on deh lo lo lo

Moving on deh low!!

Moving on deh lo lo lo

Low lo lo...

[Verse 2]

I just shoot my shots like pooh pooh...

Now I'm scoring breaking rules & Making moves and steady I be Balling 

They never caught me sleeping Boi you Never seen me Snoring

Say the boy is Local at the same my Swagger Foreign 

I'm up but they wanna see me Falling...

So I stay Anonymous you can never see me coming

Demolishion like a Bulldozer the Takeover

All deh players Game Over

Make moves never stay Sober..

Mask off kill the virus 

We go viral like a Virus 


[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 3] RAYS

We making moves, let's make a movie

I be shooting for the stars, you can call me Spike Lee

Ride clean through the Avenue

Dark shades on like I can't see you

It's almost way past after school,

Pay tuition, then pay gratitude

Kill them all with an attitude

Like take it Eazzy, N*ggas with attitude.

For all it's worth, came up outta dirt, 

Underground outta mud, on God!

I did exactly what they said I can't do, Me!

Change colors like your mood ring

Kill a beat and call it dead beat

Knowing they wanna see the end of me down dead in a coffin

I know n*ggas that be frenemies tryna front on me

And last night I did drugs took a half of it

Last night I came home wita couple bad b*tches

And b*tch please, all my n*ggas savages, yeah Goddamn!

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