“Erigga Is Lucky It’s Not Islam He Shaded….” – Christians Drag Erigga For Speaking ill Of Christianity

Nigerian singer, Erigga has incurred the wrath of Christian brothers and sisters.

He took to Twitter this morning to reveal he would like to sin against one religion. Erigga’s followers ignored his tweet at first, but it become serious when he talked about Jesus being a white man.

According to him, it is ridiculous that people believe a white man died for them so they can go to heaven free, but he has to pay money for a visa to go to his county.

“So you believe a white man died for us so we can go to heaven free but I need a visa to go to his country?”, he tweeted.

Christian internet users wasted no time in dragging him for blasphemy. They asked him to be grateful to God that he can freely speak ill of Christianity, but he wouldn’t dare try it with Islam.

They warned him to keep shut and learn to respect people’s religion.

Read their post below;

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