ENT NEWS:INTERVIEW: How Our Music Brand, Gambara, Will ‘Blow’ Northern Nigeria – Daladawa Twins

The Hausa music industry in recent times has grown to compete with Kannywood movie industry in terms of patronage, audience and market reach.

Besides acting, many actors and actresses have joined in producing and making music for Hausa listeners

Most popular among them are Adam Zango, Sani Danja, Yakubu Mohammed and host of others.

From Bauchi state, two brothers, Abubakar Maidala and Zakariya Maidawa, are currently making waves in the music scene.

The Daladawa brothers are collaborating with Morell, a celebrated singer in northern Nigeria. They told PREMIUM TIMES they were set to “blow” the musical scene in the region, with their new style of music they call “Gambara”.

PT: How did you get into music?

Maidawa/Maidala: Actually it was never our ambition to become musicians despite the fact that we liked listening to music since we were young boys. The type of music we used to listen then were songs of “shata”, “Dankwairo”, among others.

So we developed interest in this career when we realised that one can create a kingdom of happiness for people through his music. It was actually like a joke, but finally realised that we were blessed with the talent and that is how we got into music with the stage names of Maidala and Maidawa.

PT: What inspired you?

Maidala/Maidawa: You know, sometimes people, especially in this part of Nigeria see music as a bad career. But to us music is never a bad job.

We were inspired by Morell Aka Dan Gatan Arewa (the northern pet) M.I Abaga, Eedriss Abdulkareem etc. These are people who sing to educate and entertain, not to radicalise or separate people from their culture. They sing to tell what has to be done and what has to be avoided. Bob Marley also is an example.

PT: Why music not acting?

Maidala/Maidawa: Music and acting are two sides of the same coin because they are all channels through which people can be educated. So maybe we have chosen music because we feel it is what we can do better or let me just in short say it is destiny.

PT: When did you start singing?

Maidala/Maidawa: Eleven years ago.

PT: What would you say about other Hausa musicians?

Maidala/Maidawa: Our advice to fellow Hausa musicians is that, no matter how far you’ve gone never forget your root, where you came from and your culture. You should make sure your culture comes first in whatever you are doing because this is only way you can tell and explain the beauty of your culture.

PT: Who is you favourite northern singer among them?

Maidala/Maidawa: Morell is our favorite artist.

PT: We ask some people in Bauchi about your style of music, and they say your style is unique. How did you chose your style and what is it called?

Maidala/Maidawa: Yes, we call our music style “Gambara” in Hausa. We have different type of Hausa rappers in northern part of this country and to avoid sounding monotonous, we chose to reshape our rap style making it different from others.

PT: What is Gambara?

Maidala/Maidawa: Gambara is a form of music that combines rap, talking and R&B all at the same time.

PT: Do you sing for Hausa films?

Maidala/Maidawa: No, we don’t.

PT: What do you think should be done to improve the Hausa music industry?

Maidala/Maidawa: We can only improve Hausa music industry if we worked together, failure to do that can undoubtedly hinder the progress of the industry and even us the artists.

PT: Are you likely to start acting?

Maidala/Maidawa: We don’t think so. Though, man proposes God dispose. Our plans may not be part of our destiny. Only God knows.

PT: Who would you want to sing with in the Nigerian Music industry including Hausa?

Maidala/Maidawa: Morell is the man we always want to work with and he has always been supportive. We met, we perform together and we are working together also.

PT: How do you relax?

Maidala/Maidawa: We normally go to places like Yankari and Gubi Dam with friends to share fun.

PT: What country is your dream country?

Maidala/Maidawa: Everywhere in the world.

PT: How do you intend to improve on your music in the nearest future?

Maidala/Maidawa: We are working hard to reach our goals and our plans can’t be exposed here. Just pray for us. (Laugh)

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