[ENT NEWS] Classy Boiz Muzik – Biography


 is a kontagora based record label of niger state, founded by the following recording Artists and recording producers Yunglee, Mz and Kaslah on 20th July 2013. After one Month they sign Whiz prince into the record label. Weeks later the label released 1 track by the CEO ft kaslah+ Mz title spend lau-lau, this track is the first to voiced in the record label sofa, 2 cypher collaboration song titled; (K town Boys & Huzzle) by yunglee, Mz, Whiz prince & Kaslah. Kaslah and whiz prince later left the record label (CLASSY BOIZ MUZIK ENTERTAINMENT C.B.M.E) to join Skye Records Entertainment. 

The labels inception came to fruition following the departure of kaslah and Whiz prince in 2014 and the label name was changed from Cruzze Boiz Musik Entertainment to Classy Boiz Musik Entertainment. Classy Boiz Musik Entertainment started as a result of Kaslah & Whiz prince departure from Cruzze Boiz Musik. On September 21, 2015 u reported that C.B.M.E sign Abbzy who is a brother to whiz Prince. Upon establishing the rebranded record label, The C.E.O Yunglee said he sees C.B.M.E being the power of Music in Kontagora in shortest possible time. On Oct, 2015 C.B.M.E sign Mr G, Don AB and Uncle Swagger to the label. Months later the newly sign artist got ever busy working on their new music song with the record label. Me G released his first song titled (Fine girl). Don AB collaborate with MZ to release (Baby na) while as for Uncle Swagger he features Mz to released another hot track titled ( Let party).

 Uncle swagger is a party jam single street banger. Uncle swagger grows grows famous with his style of music. He has featured with some of the famous star artist in Kontagora like Soxbow and P9 to release the song tilte (Uncle Nakune). Early 2016 The C.E.O sign endorsement deal with Aisha Fulani Foundation to be it’s Ambassador. February 7th 2016 The C.E.O Yunglee announced the addition of ELNASS, FOXY, EMXY AND YOUNG AMIN. Within the past year the record label has achieved alot by becoming a revamped brand label. They have gone on to release other singles like Rap Style, Street life, 6feet, Never down fall, Folake and several others. 

 On 26th November, 2016 C.B.M.E announced the signing of Fresher Teddy one of the fast Rising Artist in Kontagora. Gwariloaded.com.ng reported that C.E.O YUNGLEE admires the singers work ethic and drive saying He Fresher Teddy will achieve his future Ambition with the record label as the label is everly ready to support any of it’s artists in any way. ACCOLADES * C.B.M.E is currently being nominated for the best record label of the year in kontagora at the kontagora Entertainment Award powered by Gwariloaded.com.ng * The label won the competition category as the Best Music Crew and Best Dancer at the 2016 Blitz Musik Entertainment Ankawo Wuta. On 15th of December 2016, eally befor the record label award night. Then the record label also singe the famous arits,raper,video director,artwok designer gwariloaded annouce that. Finally, record label will be having it’s first ever award night to celebrate it’s achievement so far and to show the general public their talents who could be the next Arewa Represen,

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