ALBUM: Chizo – Pure English (EP)

The most anticipated album pure English from another Hausa zallah arteste which contained 25 tracks EP project and its a great hip pop tracks with Hausa zallah ‘Gambara culture.
Chizo is a Hausa zallah indegeneous rapper straight out ta from kaduna.
Chizo have officially released his album pure English mixtape on 9/1/2018 it was the first time in the history of hip pop in Arewa one made 25 tracks Hausa zallah on his album.
I really appreciated my mum,sisters,brothers,my man Slim Nas and my sweat sisters Jamila(yar ummah) and Zakiyyat(baby) thank you fans.

Below are the download links to the whole tracks from ‘Pure English Album by Chizo’ download and share your thoughts press play. The most interesting part of this album is that some tracks in it has a fire featured artestes


1. Rayuwa Ft Muby

2. No Network Ft Oplus X Sean Blaq

3. How Market Ft Muby

4. We Don Blow

5. Born Winner

6. Mama Nagode

7. Nine Yaron Ft Flesh Kid

8. Gwanjone

9. I Missed You Ft Dj Effect

10. Jarumi

11. Love Story

12. Ina Kuke

13. Rawa Ft Mullasounds

14. Ina Kwana

15. No Bagger Ft Don-slim X Mr-fish

16. Bani Dikka

17. If Ft Feddy

18. Hukunchi

19. Suby Ft Feddy

20. Mugu Ft Raven X Oplus

21. Wa’azi

22. Hakuri

23. Hip Pop Ft Slim-nas

24. Freestyle

25. Outro (Addu’a)

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