A special day for Sebastian Vettel

Questioned on the podium after winning the Malaysian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was struggling to find the words, after offering Ferrari their first win in nearly two years.

"It's been a while since I have not been on the top step of the podium (in November 2013 and the Brazilian GP, ​​ed.) This is the first time with Ferrari, I am speechless. There was a lot changes during the winter, the way the team welcomed me was amazing, the fans also. This is only the second race with Ferrari, I am very happy, this is a fantastic result. This day is very special. Thank you to all the team and thank you to the fans, "he told the German driver.

"Last year was not good for me, it suffered with the car (Red Bull). The car this year seems to suit me very well. It's a dream come true. When I was little, I watched Michael (Schumacher) drive the Ferrari and now it is I who am in the red car, it's incredible. I signed with Ferrari for that, I want to take the title of world champion in Maranello, but it is necessary to enjoy the day. We should not forget that Mercedes are very fast and hard to beat, but we must continue to put pressure on them throughout the year, "he concluded

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