Zulum advocates sustained prayers as insurgents surrender in droves

Borno Governor Babagana Zulum congratulated Christians on their Easter celebrations and encouraged prayers for the success of the ongoing struggle against terrorism and rebel mass surrenders.

Malam Isa Gusau, the governor’s Senior Adviser on Communications and Strategy, issued a statement on Monday, April 18, urging Christians; and other citizens to pray and meditate on the essential message of Easter.

He said the message was in line with the Borno government’s policy of welcoming bulk surrenders of rebels; who are subjected to security profiling, disarming, demobilization, and safe reintegration.

He said that the approach will ensure the state’s full restoration of long-term peace.

“To my understanding, some of the main reflections of the Easter festival are the importance of making sacrifices for the greater good of humanity; having the strength to forgive offenders and being able to re-emerge stronger from serious difficulties.

“In over 12 years of our battles with insurgents (Boko Haram and later ISWAP) Borno State, for the first time, has a golden window that has the potential of ending the insurgency.

“The mass surrender of over 35,000 fighters and commanders is certainly one of Allah’s many miracles towards healing Borno; and rest of the North-East.
“This mass surrender is a product of the endless prayers citizens across Borno, the North-East, the rest of Nigeria; and indeed the world have been offering, seeking God’s intervention to heal Borno State.

“It is the product of immense sacrifices by the Armed Forces and volunteers. It is a product of repeated calls by political leaders, clergy, elders and traditional rulers; asking insurgents to lay down their arms and embrace peace.”

“We must, therefore, be optimistic in welcoming the likely benefits of disarming, demobilising, rehabilitating; and reintegrating mass-surrendered insurgents,” Zulum said.

1st News reports that there is drastic reduction in insurgents attacks on civilians in Borno for the past three months; particularly the abduction of travellers along the busy Maiduguri – Damaturu road by the insurgents.

Meanwhile, the Theatre Commander of “Operation Hadin Kai” North East, Maj.-Gen. Christopher Musa, said that so far more 50,000 insurgents; comprising members of their families and hostages have surrendered

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