There's a thin line between ambition and greed


There's a thin line between ambition and greed

There's a thin line between ambition and greed. A person who is ambitious wants a change of levels, they want a better life, but not at the expense of their peace. 

Ambitious people understand the concept of contentment. Ambitious people are grateful for where they are, in their quest for more. Ambitious people have reasons why they want to be where they want to be. The case is entirely different with greedy people. Greedy people are never contented. Their desire for more is fueled by their obsession with showing off and competing and not to effect any real positive changes. Greedy people typically think they're smarter and wiser than everyone. 

A greedy person is also a foolish person who thinks they are using everyone who is generous to them and who lives an honest and upright life. Greedy people see your generosity towards them as a weakness that they must exploit. Greedy people want to acquire and keep acquiring and when they die, they leave all they've laboured hard for to strangers to enjoy. 

You need to understand this life. It is short. So short. One moment you're here, buzzing with life and the next moment you can't tell. Always be true to yourself and your conscience. Define your priorities. Know the things that are important in this life and the things that are not. It's a fickle life.

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