Shocking!!! Davido Reveals The Millions He Spends At Every Night Out

Nigeria singer, Davido reveals how much it cost him to hang out with his guys every night.

In a post via his social media accounts, Davido reveals he spends nothing less than $30,000 (over 17 million naira) for a night out with his guys. He made the revelation after he shared clips from a night hangout with his friends in Abuja.

“A night out like this will cost me none less than $30,000”

Davido also added that he is not doing this to oppress people but to inspire them to work harder.

“We do this to inspire not oppress”, he tweeted.

If you follow Davido, you will know he always hangs out with his friends at least 4-5 times a week ( that is 68 million naira every week).

Nigerians wasted no time in sharing their opinions. The majority commented that Davido is not inspiring them, but he is oppressing them.

They revealed that they can’t even spend half a million on the hangout with the present situation of things in the country. Those who were inspired hailed Davido and promised to work hard.

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