[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’

[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’

[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’

Wonderkid ‘GEEFIRE’ with jos, plateau state origin, who is specifically known for his sense of freestyling, his special ­­­abilities to combine pidgin English catchy rhymes to make super cool songs. Geefire is always compared to portharcourt famous street freestyler ‘DANDIZZY’. It is also known that for geefire to make a song is not hard due to his freestyling abilities. He only needs to vibe two times on the beats and it’s all set. Few days back, he dropped his anticipated album ‘Made for this SPOTLIGHT’. With special appearances from Shallom, shamus, freezlinks and others. Much reactions from his fans as the project hit 5,000 streams on audiomack and 2,000 downloads in 24hrs. this is a review of each song and download link to his album is at this post end. Read through

[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’


His first entry for the album is ‘BALANCE’, this song carries this Ghana rhythm and trumpets fleet the background beats. The vibe on this song is more of a joey B kind of thing, he talks about all day work and not relaxing to balance up is actually not good. He hails huzzlers and told them they doing well but not sparing time to vibe is actually not a good flex. He also tips on this 1k he has in his account and would want to vibe with his friends, high together and off together. Download this melodious song, album download link below this post.


‘Am addicted to progress, that’s why I de impress girls with the big breasts, This vibe is falz, ycee and M.I abaga all combined, a single of the album, ‘Made for this SPOLIGHT’, you would fall for. Geefire walks to a girl and says if he likes her, it’s a normal sonting. He wants to pamper her backyard, and it’s all crazy on this piece here, a fast rap, backed up with some serious pumpum beats, seems like mayorkun would have simply featured geefire on his ‘GENG’ track in 2020. Geefire made history with this album and, normal sonting is a hit, by the way.

[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’

3. ­­­­2 WOMEN

This is a track that is more of a, CORIZO, ERIGGA and KAPTAIN vibe. He talks about 2 black queens he loves dearly, 2 WOMEN who always pray for him, 2 of them cook for him, 2 of his women coincidentally want him to blow up, sign deals, and the creative part of this track is, you would feel he is talking about dating two girls, till he finally let it known that, his mum and his girlfriend are the two women he is talking about. Nice one here and it is a hustle track, he also assures them of never giving up on anything he is doing. Vibe to this jam, too lit.

4. MONEY ft freezlinks

More of a Psquare vibe, he speaks on the effect of money on us, how money has made people lose their mind, people sell their children for money. Featuring plateau state 911 army legendary artist ‘FREEZELINKZ’ on the chorus, freezelinks talks on hos money can answer everything, talks about about how politicians are looting the money away and taking it outside. Geefire talks about how a guy could switch up on this friends once they start making money, also talks about how he will love signing autographs on fans when he finally makes it, a great track to motivate the hell out of any huzzlers. Vibe to it.



A runtown filled vibe, he assures his lover about how her calls are his priority, big ups to this artist, this seem like he made love to make a love song off his album, despite his rap nature, a single, pure talent, he made the verses and the chorus for this vibe. ‘baby call on me, when you need me, when you moody, call on me’. This vibe goes out specifically to all the love birds out there, y’all got a slot on geefire’s album for real, I could say he knows the music business and took his whole fanbase along on his album grooves. Vibe this jam, no lies

6. BURNFIRE ft shamus

A remake of Ycee’s balance, originally produced by Elmore the lord of beats, Geefire features shamus on this track and plainly shows he could go shoulder to shoulder with ycee and your favorite rappers. Big ups as many will love this track, shamus did the work of relating the chorus to Geefire’s name, in the sense of BUNFIRE – GEEFIRE, they portray the life of the celebrities, talk about whenever they in a place, fans should turnup with tyres for a BUNFIRE, Geefire did what he is best at by relating so much rhymes of the hit like – aim higher, quick buyer, neck tier, vampire. Also tells this shoddy, he and his team run the town, all she got to do is mention what she wants and its done. Vibe this track already, e choke!!!!!!!.


Hit party song off this album and Is too swipe like it was actually planned, ‘party for the physical, shawo for psychological, my flows is lyrical. He brings back that Ghanaian azonto vibe back to us, delivering like sarkodie and fuse ODG, pop anything, bills on me. Kinigong is a synonym to king kong, he still declares himself afrobeat hit maker, if he would ever bounce on an afrobeat song. This indeed got catchy rhymes. And would get anybody dancing crazily. Vibe along.

[Review] GEEFIRE proved he can go head to head with Dandizzy on new album ‘made for this SPOTLIGHT’


Kayan mata literally means ‘WOMEN THINGS’, from hausa language, kayan mata is a generic name for range of aphrodisiacs. This refers to herbs or portions that act as sex or love enhancers. This track being the only AMAPIANO vibe off his album is heavy of punchlines and catchy lyrics. Also this track is danceable. Some girls use kayan mata to attract guys, some sort of , they look at you and you fall for them. This track is a hit track and Geefire should tap a lot of south African fans already, because this is a hit amapiano vibe.


‘small food wey I eat, you de vex, small cloth wey I wear, you de vex’, a track that reminds haters that the more they talk about him, is the more he is getting famous and his matter is getting viral. Also, you cant destroy what you don’t know, so therefore, people who seek to destroy us are people who are know us from wayback, who know our weaknesses. This is a track calling us to watch our back. Away from the party and amapiano grooves, geefire pours this one from the heart to us. Download and vibe, talk !!! talk !!!

10. SPEAKER ft vibes

Produced by crazie bless, this is a UK / LONDON, drill song off the album ‘Made for this SPOTLIGHT’, a mix up of hausa language and Pidgin English here, he featured vibes and they did magic, vibed along the likes of ARDEE and DAVE. Geefire, literally went around all the types of trending music genres , currently making waves, they talk about a girl that cheats on a low and behind doors, but should know that nothing is hidden forever and would eventually get on the speakers for real. Big jam here, geefire got his fans on a 360 degree entertainment.

11. GHETTO CHILD ft shalom

GHETTO CHILD, is a whooping 5 minutes + song that geefire featuring shalom, ‘the place I grew from, my people no fit stand tall, the system be like chains for my leg, so I gats fall’. A deep rap song that spans a reasonable time and got the two artists reminiscing deeply on how their background they came from is rough and not a funny time trying to push ntertainment from the ghetto. ‘education na the key, but every huzzle get different door’, this actually means, after you school and get the so called key , after graduation, you find out that looking for money in every sector has different tactics and not the same way.


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