Nigerians React After Portable Lured Someone’s Girlfriend Into His Car (A Take-Home)

Portable has once again incurred the wraths of Nigerians.

This time he is being dragged after a video of him and his friend cajoling a girl to go home with him hit the internet.

In the video, Portable asked if he could take the pretty fair lady who belongs to another man with him to his hostel and show. In his words; This is the type of fish (girl) that I like and use to eat. Make i dey carry this girl, Olohun ma follow mi.

Things got interesting when the girl said yes and finally agreed to go away with Portable. The girl’s smile and nodding shattered the internet.

Social media users took to different platforms to drag the girl for being cheap. They said it’s unbelievable that a girl would agree to home with someone like Portable.

While others are dragging the girl, many have attacked Portable for luring the innocent lady into following him. They commented that portable is expected to be helping girls like her off the street and not patronizing her

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