MUSIC: BlesBoi HT – Yaron Nan

BLESBOI HT (Arewa BlesBoi) is an instrumentalist, song writer, composer, inspirational singer and one time Kakakin Arewa Best Afro Artist of the year 2018 show organize By SoxBox ( The Genius Nigeria Rapper), the award was a recognition of both his music, Intronist and modelling Talent.

BLESBOI HT is grounded with music experience as he studied music and media technology, after which he proceeded to Studied Computer Science From IBB University in Nigeria, the Afrobeat Star is now one of the most talented Artists Across the Country, this Alkaida Croner is also a backup singer and Dancer, he performed with the Apodolocity record band and was featured at the industry night show 2018.

BlesBoi HT consistency in the music world has recorded three hit singles in the previous years, titled Alkaida, Falling 4U and Yaron Nan and All tracks are produced by Teddy Mix of Black Empire Music.

The song “Yaron Nan” is yet another hit basically calling on every one to Listen to the true story of the Boy Bless and his going for what life has in store for him not minding any obstacle, situation nor the present challenges Cause the Grace to conquer has been given by The Almighty Allah and the courage lies in us believing we can Achieve our Goals.

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