Kukah bombs Buhari again: You’ve destroyed Nigeria

Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, has heavily criticized President Muhammadu Buhari over insecurity, corruption and division in Nigeria.

Specifically, Kukah made his complaints known in his Easter Message on Sunday titled, ‘To mend a broken nation: The Easter metaphor’.

Also, the bishop revealed that every aspect of life in Nigeria has been destroyed while corruption is enthroned.

He said, “Our dear country, Nigeria, still totters and wobbles as we screech towards a dangerous and avoidable canyon of dry bones.

“One would be tempted to ask, what is there to say about our tragic situation today that has not been said? Who is there to speak that has not spoken? Like the friends of Job, we stare at an imponderable tragedy as the nation unravels from all sides. The government has slid into hibernation mode.

“It is hard to know whether the problem is that those in power do not hear; see, feel, know, or just don’t care. Either way, from this crossroad, we must make a choice, to go forward, turn left or right or return home. None of these choices is easy. Yet, guided by the light of the risen Christ, we can reclaim our country from its impending slide to anarchy

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