Here Is Why OAP, Bolanle Olukanni Thinks African Men Cheat More

Nigerian on-air personality and event host, Bolanle Olukanni, who has never been one to hold back her thoughts concerning men has revealed the only reason why African men cheat more.

In a recent post shared via her social media page, the media personality shared that there is only one reason African men cheat, and it is because there are no legal consequences for cheating men in Africa, unlike in western countries.

According to her, if a man understands that cheating on his wife equals losing half of his wealth to her, he would definitely have a rethink about going in that direction.

In her exact words, Dears don’t be fooled. The only reason why African men cheat more is because there are no legal consequences. Lmao. if there are divorce laws that take away half of a cheater’s money. Cheat who?? Cheat what?? if you cheat in Nigeria, people look the other way. Cheat in Los Angeles now – the milking she will milk you.

Her opinion stems from actor, Yul Edochie’s scandal that has succeeded in rocking the internet in the last 24 hours

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